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2018 WA IHS Spring Summer Championships

This time the boss lady jumped back in the game to show 'em how it's done!

Huge congrats to Jude for taking out -

1st place for Team Collection

2nd place for Ladies Cut

2nd place for Spring Bride

Judes winning Team Collection

Judes entry into Mens Classic Cut

Judes Spring Brides

Rhi teamed up with designer, Tempest Eve who loaned her six amazing gowns! She was also fortunate enough to have "Pure Hair Extensions" sponsor her with four packets of hair extensions!! And she took out

1st place for Session Styling

2nd place for Team Collection

3rd place for Summer Bride

3rd place for Avant Guard Design

Rhi's 1st place winning look for Session Styling

Rhi's 3rd Place in Summer Bride

This time Rhi broke another record in the live avant guard category and entered 3 models in 40mins. We are super proud of what she achieved and the crowd was loving the creations. Rhi was approached afterwards to come and teach another class on avant guard!!

Earlier this year, Rhi and Jude had a chat about "all the things" and they decided that Rhi needed a break from competing next year. Her competitions often require 12+ models each time and over 3 years she is feeling the creep of burnout. She needs a life again.

Instead of competing next year, Rhi is planning on working on commissioned head pieces for some incredible burlesque performers. She will also be teaming up with the the same designer for a new collection she's launching. Check out all her mischief on Instagram

Of course she cant go cold turkey from creating all the things!

We are so grateful for the support of her family, friends, and clients!!!

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